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Sunsi Beach

East End, St. Thomas
Sunsi is one of the toughest beaches to get to on the entire island. It's located on the northside of St. Thomas just around the corner from Tutu Bay. With no land access as far as I know of your access to Sunsi is limited to the water. You can either go down to Mandahl Bay where the salt pond marina gives super easy access to the water. From this direction you'll be fighting against the current on the way to Sunsi so this is my favorite option. Otherwise you can put in at Coki and kayak to Sunsi from there. All of this is irrelevant if you own a boat instead as you can leave from anywhere you lucky dog. Happy adventures!

More Information

Fee required: No
Beach Busy: No
Beach Size: Small


  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling

How to Get There

  • Boat / Kayak
  • Hike