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Point Udall

East End, St. Croix

Point Udall is located on the far eastern point of St. Croix and is the eastern most point of the United States. Technically it is the eastern most point by direction of travel (as in starting in the U.S. and heading east) since the eastern most point by longitude in the U.S. is Pochnoi Point, Semisopochnoi Island, which is one of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Interestingly the western most point of the U.S. by direction of travel is Point Udall, Santa Rita, Guam - named after another member of the Udall family.

Point Udall was named in 1969 after Stewart Udall who was the United States Secretary of the Interior under JFK. In 2000 a sundial was built on the point in commeration of the new millennium and is named the Millennium Monument. The sundial marks the azimuth of the first U.S. sunrise of the year the momument was built.

From Point Udall you have wonderful, unobstructed views towards the east making for the best sunrises on the island. Just behind the point to the west is Goat Mountain, which has a great hiking trail up to the top.. You can also see several beaches from the point with Whale Point Bay to the north and East End Bay to the south.

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