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Mandahl Hill

Northside, St. Thomas
Mandahl Hill is located on the northside of St. Thomas right next to Mandahl Bay Beach to the east. There is an overgrown trail that you can explore on the hill where you pass what is left of a plan to build a whole resort in the Mandahl Bay area. Thankfully locals fought against the development of this land so it remains in a mostly natural state where we can enjoy the beauty of nature! Read through this thread if you're curious! Instead you can enjoy the feeling of bushwhacking through the jungle and seeing the views that these homes would've had. The hill has wonderful views of Mandahl Beach below and the salt pond harbor right next to it. To the east you can see Tutu Bay right to the east of the hill and Coral World and Coki Beach in the distance. You can get to the walking trails by either walking from Mandahl or driving towards Tutu Bay and then parking on the pavement where there is a small turn to the left.

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Fee required: No
Beach Busy: No

How to Get There

  • Hike