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Magens Bay Overlook

Northside, St. Thomas

Magens Bay Overlook is a wonderful spot hidden away in the hills behind Magens Bay Beach. There is a whole network of trails behind the beach that are maintained by the Magen's Bay Authority, along which you'll find the overlook. You can either start at the top of the trail system by parking at the Magens Bay Road/Canaan trailhead or start down at the beach. The overlook is close to the top of the trail so if you just want to enjoy the view then park up there. I however prefer to park at the beach and just a nice uphill walk in, enjoy the view, and finally get back down to the beach and hop into the water!

The view from the overlook is a window through the lushious green jungle below to the clear, turquoise waters of the Bay. You can see the beach below as well as potentially catch a glimpse of Platform and Little Magens beaches to the right side of the bay and Lerkenlund off to the left. A number of people use the overlook as a spot to watch the over 263 species of native and migratory birds found on the island.

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