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Red Hook Hill

East End, St. Thomas

If you've ever taken the ferry between St. John and St. Thomas you've likely seen the hill the looms large (maybe medium it's a hill not a mountain) over the north side of the port. Red Hook Hill is just outside of Red Hook on the far eastern side of St. Thomas. As it's name suggests it is just a hill, but if you're adventurous and want a real bushwhacking adventure then this is the spot for you.

You can park at Sapphire Beach and walk over to the marina. If you walk to the far end of the marina, at the base of the hill you can find a mostly brush-free path through the woods. It will require some bushwhacking to reach the top so bring a machette and some water. Summiting the hill rewards you with an awesome view of Red Hook, the port, and the large salt pond that is just north of town. The best part of reaching the top for me was going somewhere most people probably don't. Exploring a new area that is always in sight, but usually overlooked. Find your own Red Hook Hill and explore it!

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Fee required: No
Beach Busy: No

How to Get There

  • Hike