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Fort Segarra

Water Island

Constructed by the United States during World War II, Fort Segarra is located on a hill on the southern end of Water Island. Overlooking the Carribean Sea to the south the fort was planned to be used as a defensive outpost, but was never used in a military capacity. Now the fort exists as a tourist attraction where you can explore the various tunnels, bunker, and gun emplacements.

Visiting Fort Segarra first requires getting to Water Island, which you can via the ferry located in Crown Bay next to the Tickles restaurant. From the ferry you can rent a golf cart from Dingheys or Rachael's Rentals, both of which will usually give you some directions around the island. The fort is located at the southern end of the island up on top of the hill so it's really hard to miss. Just keep driving around until you find a gravel road and go up it.

At the fort you can admire views of the sea and St. Croix to the south if it's a clear day. You also have good views of the Charlotte Amalia harbor with views of Pacquereau Bay, Morningstar, and Michelle's beaches. The tunnels are really fun to explore and you can even climb up a ladder into the main bunker where there's a lot of graffiti to admire.

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