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Blackbeard's Castle

Southside, St. Thomas

Perched up on a hill in the middle of downtown Charlotte Amalia, Blackbeard's Castle keeps close watch on the town below. Whether or not the actual pirate Blackbeard used this spot as a lookout, it's easy to believe in the possibility. This lookout has a perfect view of the entire harbor from the cruise ship docks and Bluebeard's Castle to the left to Frenchtown and Hassle Island on the right. You can also see most of the water front drive and all the people and vendors going about their days down there.

Currently the castle and the surrounding property is closed to the public for renovations. However, once they re-open you will be able to explore the entire property and potentially go up into the castle itself! Although it's closed at the moment you can still walk up to the gate and look at the beautiful stone work and admire the view of downtown up on the hill. From the waterfront you can navigate to the 99 steps, another popular landmark, and once at the top of those you're basically at the castle. Between the steps and the castle be sure to see the statue of the Three Queen's of the Virgin Islands, 3 women on St. Croix who led an insurrection against the Danish government for better working and living conditions.

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