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B-Lo Point Overlook

South Shore, St. John

Perched up high on Bordeaux Mountain on the island of St. John, B-Lo Point Overlook looks out towards Coral Bay and farther yielding incredible views of the surroundings. From this point you can see the entirety of the East End of St. John including all of Coral Bay and Hurricane Hole, Hansen Bay Beach, Haulover (south), and everything else of the south-east side of the island. It's an incredible vantage point.

You can also see over the eastern hills of St. John to look at several of the British Virgin Islands. You can see Tortolla to the north and the always crowded Noram Island to the East. B-Lo Point Overlook is such a great spot for admiring the natural beauty of the Virgin Islands and how close they really are all to each other (sorry St. Croix not you).

Getting to B-Lo Point Overlook is easy. You can either drive from Coral Bay all the way up Calvert C. Marsh Rd until you get to the top. Or you can start of Centerline Rd and when you get to the hairpin turn turn right (if headed east) down Bordeaux Mt Rd. This is my preffered route as you get to see some beautiful wooded areas and even pass the Bordeaux Mt trailhead.

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