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Haulover Bay (South) Beach

East End, St. John

The beach at Haulover Bay (South) is located on the eastern end of St. John on the southern side of the narrow strip of land separating the east end of St. John from the rest of the island. This beach is part of the Virgin Islands National Park and is as far east as the park goes. An important note - on the beach you'll see signs to watch out for Manchineel trees - make sure you stay away from these trees as all parts of the tree are poisonous. On the north side of the road from the beach there is a path through the woods that will take you to Haulover Bay North.

The beach is a mix of rocky and sandy shores with some nice spots to setup chairs in the shade. One of the highlights of the beach in my opinion is the snorkeling. Just out from the beach along the rocks on either side you can find some amazing, developed coral structures. There you'll also find a plethora of fish swimming about and potentially some lobsters lurking about. Another thing I love about this beach is that it doesn't get as busy as the other beaches in the park. You can have some space to yourself to grill, have a drink, and enjoy the beautiful views!

More Information

Fee required: No
Beach Busy: No
Beach Size: Small


  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Parking

How to Get There

  • Drive