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Creque Dam

West End, St. Croix

Hidden deep in the "Rain Forest" in the northwest corner of St. Croix you'll find Creque Dam. Creque Dam is a 45 foot high arch dam constructed to hold the water for Frederiksted back in 1926. At it's time it was an engineering marvel able to hold up to 9 million gallons of water not it seems to hold very minimal water, if any at all. You can walk across the top of the dam and look down the downhill side at the steep drop below. When I visited back in February of 2024 there was no water being held by the dam, but instead on the uphill side there was a vibrant green carpet of plants. It was a magnificent site.

The dam is located along Creque Dam road, which winds its way through the St. Croix rain forest. The road can be windy, narrow, and rough at some points making the drive a difficult one. The easiest way to the dam is to start in Frederiksted and to drive to the western start of the road. From there the road isn't to bad as it comes up to the dam, where you can park along the side to explore. From the eastern end of the road you'll find more difficulty, but with a 4WD vehicle with good clearance it's a fine drive.

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