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Brewers Rock Overlook

West End, St. Thomas

Way up on the hill above Brewers Bay there is large, rocky cliff stickying out of the junlge with what looks like a cave in the middle of it. Up on the top of the cliff is Brewers Bay Overlook. From the top you can see all of Brewers Bay, watch airplanes land and takeoff, and you can even see the turtles down in the water below as they come to the surface.

There is plenty of parking down by the beach along the side of the road if you're hiking the trail to the overlook. The trail starts towards the west side of the beach next to where there are ruins right by the side of the road. Across the road from the ruins there is a trail in the woods that may be marked with graffiti and the occasional arrow. The trail is about a mile long and straight up and mainly follows a rock scramble all the way up. Bring good hiking shoes and definitely don't go if it's been raining! Once at the top you'll be at the base of the cliff and going around the left side you'll find a way to the top.

For the curious wondering about the cave I'm sorry to say, but there is no treasure to be found. Back in 1929 a group of navy men guided by a local went on an expedition to explore the cave. They repelled from the top of the cliff down into the opening and found... nothing 😔. Here's an interesting article for more information.

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  • Hike