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Little Neltjeberg Beach

Northside, St. Thomas

Tucked away from the world, Little Neltjeberg has the same beautiful, white sand of it's neighbor Neltjeberg without the crods. This beach is the closest you can get on land to the Inner Brass island just offshore so it offers some of the best views. Along with the wonderful views you have access to some amazing snorkling where you can find a vibrant reef just off the shore. If you swim to the left around the poing towards Neltjeberg Bay you'll find some deeper water and croal structures that are home to plentiful fish and lobster. There's also a small rope swing offering the chance for fun pictures right on the beach!

Little Neltjeberg can be tricky to find. You have two options for getting there: hiking or swimming. You can swim from Neltjeberg along the coastline on the right (eastern) side. Or you can hike from Dorothea Bay or Neltjeberg. Both Neltjeberg and Dorothea have hidden trails through the woods you can take to LIttle Neltjeberg, which I'll leave as an excersize to the reader to find 😉.

More Information

Fee required: No
Beach Busy: No
Beach Size: Small


  • Pets Allowed
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling

How to Get There

  • Hike