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Caret Bay Beach

Northside, St. Thomas

Located on the Northside of St. Thomas, Caret Bay is a hidden gem that not many people see. Getting to Caret Bay requires driving down a steep neighborhood road where at the end you'll find a trailhead with a spot for just a couple cards to park. Then you'll descend the steep trail down to a beach, which you'll most likely have all to yourself. The locals are protective of this beach, particularly with the surfing so be sure to be respectful!

The beach is a large strip of soft sand with steep rocks and hills on both sides. In the middle of the beach there is a huge rock sitting in the water all by itself. In fact... to me it kind of looks like a huge carrot. I'm not sure if that's what the beach was named after or if there was something lost in translation with the name, but alas. The rocks on the right side of the beach are a fun scramble to the top where you can see the steep cliffs towards the east.

There is a shallow reef running most of the length of the beach. People do surf there so it must be somewhat swimmable, but I have never gone in. There is a beautiful jungle behind the beach where you can stand in the quiet away from the hustle of the city and look for delicious coconuts!

More Information

Fee required: No
Beach Busy: No
Beach Size: Large


  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling

How to Get There

  • Hike