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Abi Beach

Southside, St. Thomas

Abi Beach is an awesome beach on the Southside of St. Thomas located within Frenchman Bay. The beach is named after the now closed Abi Beach Bar, which shut down back in 2019 and hasn't reopened, but the name lives on! You can still see reminants of the bar near the parking lot and there is a large container with the "Abi" name on it for cool picture opportunities. Several charter boats will still come to this beach for a day bringing some of the livliness that used to be here all the time. If the charters aren't in though you'll likely be sharing the beach with just a few people or will have it all to yourself. If your not visiting the beach by charter then I'd recommend that you have 4 wheel drive to get down to the beach as the road is really rough.

This is a medium sized sandy beach with plenty of shade trees and lots of picnic tables to setup on and spend the day at. There are also several swings hidden around the area... try to find them all! You can walk down the beach towards the east where it narrows for better views of the island, Green Cay, right off the shore of the beach. This cay and the surrounding area makes for really great snorkeling. You can find all sorts of fish, starfish, turtles, and other sea life in the waters.

More Information

Fee required: No
Beach Busy: No
Beach Size: Medium


  • Pets Allowed
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Parking
  • Picnic Tables

How to Get There

  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Boat / Kayak